Ethics for the Safety Professional

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Course overview
Welcome to our BCRSP approved course on Ethics for the Safety Professional. A course made by safety professionals for safety professionals to meet your professional obligations for ethics. You will work through engaging and highly interactive case studies throughout the course.
Upon completion of this course, you will:
  • Be able to analyze the purpose of professional ethics as it applies to them.
  • Understand the relationship between psychological health and safety and professional ethics.
  • Be able to describe and apply the expectations of a CRSP and understand similarities to other professions.
  • Be able to analyze ethical challenges based on proposed courses of action.
  • Be able to recognize when disclosure and whistleblowing may be appropriate and how to act.

Course topics:

  1. Purpose of Professional Ethics
  2. Psychological Health & Safety & Professional Ethics
  3. Understanding BCRSP Code of Conduct & Obligations
  4. Analyzing Ethical Challenges in Decision Making
  5. Whistle Blowing
  6. Professional Conduct & Disciplinary


Approximately 2 hours

Pass Mark