Gorman Group of Companies has several divisions serving the Forestry industry in different locations throughout Western Canada and the United States. 


When the project initiated in 2018, The client came to Tatonga Studio needing a solution to provide training to employees that was unique and customized to multiple divisions. Tatonga Studio developed a branded new employee orientation to use across all divisions.

Once the initial project was complete, several divisions then required division specific orientations to use at their locations. Tatonga Studio continues to effectively convert division specific documents into engaging online learning modules that are customized to meet the unique requirements and competencies of each division.

This project is still ongoing. We started the initial new employee orientation in 2018 and were quickly requested to transform all job descriptions and job specific tasks of one of the divisions to an online learning module. The students/users training was tracked by the confirmation of the users’ understanding. The project continues to grow as other divisions are impressed with what they are seeing and are jumping on board to have Tatonga Studio organize and develop their own digital review of division specific documents. Each division thus far has had 100+ paper documents that need to be transitioned into an online, interactive, instructional, and branded delivery solution.

  • Create an engaging, new employee orientation module for workers entering the forestry industry.
  • Facilitate training employees on safe work policies, practices and procedures in an engaging, interactive delivery platform for distance learning.
  • Convert documents into site specific, division-branded interactive online libraries of training modules for:
    • all internal job descriptions
    • safety practices
    • safety procedures
    • safety policies
  • Set up a process for workers to review the training modules either annually or at the start of their new job and to track the learner’s training requirements.
  • Adaptable training channels to match task responsibilities and competency requirements with customized components and flow for each division. (Learner able to choose the learning specific to their task.)



Gorman Group of Companies

What We Did
  • Customized, branded, interactive online learning modules to deliver training on safe work practices, safe work procedures, safety policies for multiple divisions
  • Adaptable training channels to match job responsibilities and competency requirements

Digitizing Documents

We converted hundreds of documents into engaging and online delivery methods.


Easy Digital Interface

A new digital training system was implemented to improve efficiency and accessibility.


Mobile Access

We created the training and eLearning to be offered on several platforms for better accessibility.


Tracking Progress

We set up processes to ensure workers review necessary modules each year or before new jobs.

We’ve been very happy to have Tatonga Studio assist us in the development and design of our online modules for several of our divisions. They continue to successfully enhance our internal operations and training management into well designed, customized, interactive and engaging learning modules. The scope of this project is very large, and Tatonga Studio is working successfully with each division to address their specific needs and timelines.

David MurrayCorporate Safety, HR & Environment Manager, Gorman Group
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