Red Deer County


Online Learning Experience
  • Adobe Interactive PDF
  • Concept Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Graphic Design

An interactive online design solution

Red Deer County came to Tatonga looking for a solution to their need to educate urban communities on activities that happen on farms throughout the four seasons. They wanted a highly visual presentation that users could interact with online to review the activities they might see out in the country and inform urban audiences of the importance of those operations. It was essential for the platform to be presented on the County website and accessible to anyone using a mobile device. Tatonga created an interactive timeline solution where users could toggle between the seasons and see life like images and graphics to support the content.

Custom Design Concept

Team came up with the custom solution to deliver visually engaging content to the end user.

Graphic Design

Project design including logo, digital interface concept, interactive PDFs.

Mobile Access

We created the training and eLearning to be offered on several platforms for better accessibility.

Check out the project on the website HERE

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