AgSafe Alberta


Project Management
  • Logo Design
  • Articulate Rise
  • Motion Graphics
  • Videography
  • Instructional Design
  • Content Writing
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Script Writing
  • Graphic Design
  • Voice Management
  • Print Design

Project Management and Design

When AgSafe Alberta first formed, Tatonga’s Risk Management team and Studio team collaborated with AgSafe Alberta to help the organization get started and develop safety and health management tools for farms and ranches in Alberta.

Tatonga Studio initiated the project by developing the AgSafe logo, custom branding, and then worked with the Tatonga Risk Management team to develop an AgSafe branded training package that included classroom presentation materials, eLearning courses, Quickstart Guides, videos, animations, offering multiple platforms to deliver the content.

The team worked together to design an on-farm health and safety educational program that the AgSafe Alberta consultants used to deliver the farm safety management training. The education program included instructional materials, technical presentations, risk assessment tools, forms, safe work procedures and online training modules.

Tatonga was instrumental in the initial establishment of AgSafe Alberta and set the foundation for the organization it has evolved into today, providing health and safety management guidance to farms and ranches across Alberta.

Content Creation

All content was developed by Tatonga subject matter experts and creative design specialists.

Learning Experience

Developed Articulate Rise courses for each subject that included interactive components, Animations and Videos relevant to each topic.

Mobile Access

We created the training and eLearning to be offered on several platforms for better accessibility.

Added Resources

Design instructor led PowerPoint with presenter notes, printable forms and take-home materials.

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