Micro courses are a great way to incorporate and enhance skill specific introductions or refreshers to your traditional and existing training.

Sometimes… less is more.

There are huge benefits to developing micro courses within your organization. However, there is a time and place for microlearning, as not all learning can be broken into bite size chunks. But, if we can evaluate the areas within our organizations where learning can be efficiently developed into short, simple, engaging explanations of specific topics, we will capture more of our learners attention, and have them retain it more easily. Today’s learners require their learning to feed them quickly so they can get back to work. Their attention and time is limited and they need to gather information on the go.¬†Microlearning can tailor your content to be available to consume quickly while providing specific content.

Accessibility and flexibility are key.

Microlearning is easily digested and can be fed to learners on-site, in between meetings, at home or on the bus.

But probably the most important, are the personalized learning experiences that microlearning can offer. These chunks of information can be developed as task or skill specific instruction, directed to those needing that skill and not bogging them down with the content not applicable to them. All while enhancing your learners specific ongoing competency.

Less time is spent by the learner reviewing the information that does not pertain to them. This in itself is cost saving.  And in some cases, the development process requires less a time investment. Updates to specific criteria can be rolled out more efficiently. These can all offer additional cost savings to the organization.