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Vaccination and Flock Management Training Project
  • Articulate Rise
  • Instructional Design
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Graphic Design
  • Videography
  • LMS Management
  • Voiceover Management

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The Egg Farmers of Alberta (EFA) were seeking a distance-education solution to provide training to their members for multiple flock management focuses. Ideally EFA would like the veterinarians to deliver the training in person with hands-on activities and demonstrations. However, due to the remote and distant locations of EFA members, this is not always possible. Tatonga Studio consulted with the client, their subject matter experts (SME), client IT/LMS team, and their members to conceive solutions. We will describe two of the courses that required unique components such as multimedia, onsite videography, and incorporation of SME demos and videos.  

Vaccination Training Project   

  • Veterinarians and animal scientists were captured on video explaining processes and demonstrating techniques. Videos were incorporated into the course.  
  • Designed with inclusivity and accessibility as priorities for the target audience.  
  • We used Articulate Rise and Storyline to build the course which worked very well to accommodate the multimedia requirements and for adding interactive components.  
  • SMEs often provide content in more of a textbook format but our instructional designers worked with our writers to customize the content to create an engaging online learning experience.
  • We had the course reviewed by the SMEs to ensure content was represented properly and technically accurate. The course was also reviewed by the EFA member-end-users to ensure they could understand and absorb the content and easily use the RISE platform.  

Flock Management Course  

  • Subject matter experts including egg farmers, process specialists, and the Tatonga Risk Management team, and our videographer, provided and captured content.  
  • We developed a storyboard to organize and align content provided from multiple sources, including captured videos.  
  • Our writers worked with the instructional design team and SMEs to convert content for use in an eLearning environment.  
  • Articulate Rise was chosen as an effective, self-paced platform for the three modules. Due to potential language barriers and the high-risk nature of the process being conveyed, it was imperative that the instructional design ensured pertinent points were emphasized in a clear, concise manner and that the learner could demonstrate their understanding of the content.  

Tatonga Studio was responsible for Project Management for both projects, effectively coordinating communication with all parties throughout the development. We followed our course development processes including creating learning goals, objectives, storyboarding, development of suitable multimedia assets, assessments, and quality assurance. The projects were completed on budget and on time. 

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