Farm Safety Nova Scotia (FSNS) works with Nova Scotia farms to keep farmers, their families, and their employees safe. It is our goal to ensure farmers have access to the tools and resources they need to operate safe and productive farms.

FSNS, a not-for-profit society, is an industry-driven organization working in the best interest of its members. All registered farm members of the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture are voting members of FSNS, who can participate in member meetings, and provide direction on our mandate. However, whether a voting member or not, all registered farms can access services from FSNS.


The client was looking for a solution to delivering engaging, agricultural, Nova Scotia specific health and safety training to their diverse farm members and farm employees.  Tatonga created customized, interactive FSNS branded modules for delivery in a classroom setting or in an online eLearning environment. Development and design considered the potential for “English as a second language” learners to facilitate understanding. Added agricultural content to 2 existing modules. 

We wrote, developed and designed 6 customized eLearning modules (2 in Spanish) and 3 classroom courses.  Content was also updated and converted to incorporate agricultural components to 2 modules.  All content was written and developed by Tatonga subject matter experts and creative design specialists.  These courses will help Farm Safety Nova Scotia in delivering farm health and safety training to their diverse audience of farm members and their employees. 


Tatonga Studio


Farm Safety Nova Scotia Passport Project

What We Did
  • Deliver engaging, up-to-date agricultural health and safety content for Nova Scotia farms.
  • Develop online training tools for Nova Scotia Farmers to train their staff.
  • Develop classroom courses with training material, instructor notes, quizzes and classroom exercises for delivery by Farm Safety Nova Scotia staff.
  • Offer multiple farm safety training courses on several platforms for flexibility and diverse learners.
  • Provide courses for learners with limited English – translate eLearning modules

Content Creation

All content was developed by Tatonga subject matter experts and creative design specialists.


Easy Digital Interface

A new digital safety management system was implemented to improve efficiency.


Mobile Access

We created the training and eLearning to be offered on several platforms for better accessibility.


Multilingual Content

We translated modules into Spanish for those with English as a second language.

Tatonga successfully developed diverse, engaging training that will help our farm members and their employees with agricultural health and safety training. It was great to work with a company who understands the agriculture industry but who also has expertise in occupational health and safety, and instructional design. Finding balance between understanding the industry and OHS is always a challenge. Tatonga pulls their expertise together on this to provide safe, healthy and practical solutions. Tatonga developed great training components for our Safety Training Passport Program.

Carolyn Van Den HeuvelDirector of Outreach and Member Relations, Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture
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