Food Processing Skills Canada

Ongoing since 2023

Learning Experience
  • Articulate Rise
  • Storyboarding
  • Instructional Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Assessment Activities
  • Scripting

Course Conversions to Articulate Rise

Tatonga was awarded a contract with Food Processing Skills Canada for eLearning course conversion and development services. FPSC was seeking the services of an instructional design team to support the development of two new eLearning courses and the conversion of three other eLearning courses in the FPSC library. Two of the courses were in Articulate Storyline format and the other was in a proprietary LMS format. Tatonga Studio reviewed the existing courses and made recommendations for edits, content blocking, imagery, engaging activities and assessments of course understandings to make the course more engaging and more accessible to the diversity of learners in their audience. The content was incorporated into Storyline Rise to achieve our recommendations. FPSC’s subject matter experts provided the source material/storyboards to build the new courses. The courses were built using Articulate Rise and followed the design and structure of other FPSC Rise courses. The development of the new courses included a review of the current storyboard and were scripted by the Tatonga Studio team to evaluate effectiveness and to make recommendations for edits,
content blocking, imagery, links, engaging activities and assessments.

Tatonga Studio provided graphic design services, designing and developing handouts and summaries of each module in the courses. Tatonga created both Read-on-the-Go documents and Listen-on-the-Go audio files to increase the accessibility of the courses for a broader audience. Once the initial 5 courses were complete, our team was awarded 2 more courses: Respectful Workplace and Food Safety Meat Processing 101. The Food Safety Meat Processing 101 course is a 12 module, 6 hour course that involved taking previous LMS content, chunking all content into a new curriculum flow in Articulate Rise. Our team conceptualized and designed interactive games and components throughout the 12 modules for further user engagement. We scripted the course for narration and developed AI narration audio for each module.

Course Conversion

Content was taken from existing courses and converted to Articulate Rise format.

Digital Design

A new design was developed to update and compliment content and new interface.

Mobile Access

We created the training and eLearning so it is accessible on multiple platforms.

Tight Timelines

We delivered a quality course within tight client timelines.

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